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NEWCASTLE. One of the first thing you will notice is that we have the best beaches in the world right here in Newcastle!! OK here we go! WE HAVE, Beaches, Swimming Pools, A Harbor, Rivers, Lakes, Bays, Parks, Beautiful Country Side, Vineyards best in the world, An old Fort used to fight off Japanese attack in 1942 

A Military Jet Fighter Base at Williamtown also hosts Jet Fighter World Museum, We also have a Maritime Museum, We have Sand Dunes that you can even ride a Camel there if you like, We have sporting venues every where for every type of sport you could think of.. The only thing we don't have is Snow, Sorry  

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Jump on board to see the best sites Newcastle has to offer 

Carey Hole

Grab interest Things you can see in Newcastle


36,000 Whales pass our beaches every Winter


our waves in Newcastle can be huge


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Leave Queens Wharf Brewery or your hotel or motel



Queens Wharf is a multi-purpose venue in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia with a cafe, pub, restaurant, observation tower and ferry wharf built as part of the redevelopment of the Hunter River foreshore. Opened in May 1988 by Queen Elizabeth II, it was completed as a Bicentennial project.[1] 

The observation tower was demolished in September 2018.[2][3][4] 

The ferry wharf is served by Newcastle Transport's Stockton ferry services.[5][6] 

Just up the road we see Customs House and Newcastle Station


 The Newcastle Customs House is a heritage listed building located on the corner of Bond and Watt Street in Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. The building was designed in the Italianate Renaissance Revival style by New South Wales Colonial Architect, James Barnet, in 1877, with a wing added in matching materials in 1899 under the direction of Walter Liberty Vernon.[1] [2] It now operates as the Customs House Hotel.[3] 

newcastle station



The Newcastle railway station was formerly the main railway station in Newcastle, New South Wales. It was the terminus station for services to the city until it closed in December 2014. 

The current railway station structure was built in 1878 under the direction of John Whitton and was listed on the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 2 April 1999,[2] with additional workshops and rail yards surrounding the station also added to the Register on the same day.[3][4] 

In September 2018, the Newcastle station precinct was reopened as a multipurpose community space branded as The Station.

Newcastle Hunter St Mall



Hunter Street is a major road in the Newcastle central business district, in New South Wales. The street, formerly three separate thoroughfares, extends from Pacific Street in the city's east, to Selma Street in Newcastle West and since 2008 has been the focus of community-led creative enterprises and projects.[1]  Established as the city's main street for commercial and retail  activity, Hunter Street entered a period of severe decline after World  War II. Since 2008, the eastern end of Hunter Street has emerged as a  precinct for niche retail and the night-time economy. In June 2012 it  was announced that the pedestrian mall between Perkins and Newcomen  Streets will be redeveloped by the public and private sectors to  stimulate the city's ongoing revitalisation.[2] 

steepest Street in Australia brown st, Newcastle


We will drive up Brown St, hope your game!!

Walk through Christ Church Cathedral, read the contents of old headstones



The Cathedral Church of Christ the King, also called Christ Church Cathedral, is an Australian cathedral in Newcastle, New South Wales. It is the cathedral church of the Diocese of Newcastle in the Anglican Church of Australia. The building, designed by John Horbury Hunt in the Gothic Revival style, is located on a hill at the city's eastern end in the suburb called The Hill. It was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 28 June 2011.[3] 

The former dean, Fr Stephen Williams (formerly rector of the  Parish of Merewether), was installed on 23 June 2013. The current dean,  the Very Reverend Katherine Bowyer (former rector of the Parish of  Cardiff), was installed on 4 October 2017. She is the first woman to  hold the position. 

Fort Scratchley


 Fort Scratchley, a former coastal defence installation, is now a museum. It is located in Newcastle East, a suburb of Newcastle, New South Wales in Australia. It was built in 1882 to defend the city against a possible Russian attack. However, its guns were not fired in anger until 8 June 1942, during the shelling of Newcastle. The Australian Army left the site in 1972.   

Nobby`s Beach this is where the frieghter Pasha bulka washed up on the beach next picture >


 Early on the morning of 8 June 2007, Newcastle Port Corporation radioed the 56 moored ships waiting off the coast to load coal to warn them to move out to sea to escape an approaching storm.[5] Pasha Bulker, along with 10 other ships, did not heed the warning. As the storm hit, Pasha Bulker could not clear the coast and it beached at 9:51am.[6]  The ship never called for tug assistance, ran aground with a fully  operational engine room and still had both anchors stored in the hawsepipes leading some maritime experts to believe that proper precautions were not taken by the ship's captain.  

washed up on nobby`s beach



MV Drake, previously known as Pasha Bulker, is a Panamax bulk carrier of 76,741 tonnes deadweight (DWT) operated by the Lauritzen Bulkers shipping company and owned by Japanese Disponent Owners.[2][3] While waiting in the open ocean outside the harbour to load coal, Pasha Bulker ran aground during a major storm on 8 June 2007 on Nobbys Beach in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. It was refloated and moved to a safe location offshore on 2 July 2007 at 9:48 p.m. AEST before being towed to Japan for major repairs on 26 July 2007. 

Pasha Bulker was built in 2006 by Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., and sails under the flag of Panama as a flag of convenience. It is 225 m (738 ft) in length with a beam of 32.2 m (105.6 ft) and a cargo hold capacity (grain) of 90,911 cubic metres 

Nobby`s lighthouse



Due to its prominent position at the entrance of the port, Nobbys was chosen as the site for the third lighthouse built in New South Wales. Building was completed in 1857 and the lighthouse was first lit on 1st January 1858. At that time, the light burnt China Tea Oil, and was then later replaced by a fixed, incandescent kerosene vapour lamp. In 1935 the light was electrified and automated. The current light source is a 120 volt 1,000-watt, quartz halogen lamp and the power source is mains electricity

newcastle ocean baths


 Lifeguard Services   provided 7 days a week all year round. Favoured pool for those wishing to walk and exercise in the water in a  picturesque beach environment, close to the city.  Change room facilities available.  A seperate area is available for lap swimmers.  The pool features a special access ramp.  Baths closed for cleaning once a week. Adjacent Canoe Pool on the Newcastle Beach side is unpatrolled, parents  are reminded to supervise children whilst using the Canoe Pool. 

Newcastle Beach



Lifeguard Services  provided seven days a week during swimming season.  Kiosk and shaded table area, (kiosk open during swimming season).  Change room facilities available.  Easy access from Newcastle CBD, train and bus facilities.  A stroll between Newcastle Beach and Nobbys Beach will take approx 15 minutes along the scenic Bather’s Way.  Adjacent to the historic Time Tunnel Mural which provides traffic-free access to the top end of Hunter Street.

King Edward Park


King Edward Park is situated about half a Klm from the top of the Inner City of Newcastle it has a beautiful Park with spectacular Ocean and City views, perfect for viewing Whales  and Dolphins strait out in front of the Cliffs

Bogey Hole


 The Bogey Hole, also known as the Commandant's Baths, is a heritage-listed sea bath in Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. It is thought to be the oldest surviving European construction in the city area.[1] The pool was hewn from a sandstone/conglomerate rock shelf at the base of cliffs near Shepherds Hill. Lieutenant-Colonel James Thomas Morisset, the Commandant of Newcastle (1818–23), ordered the construction of the pool by convict labour in about 1820 for his own use.[1] 

Newcastle Memorial Walk


 The Newcastle Memorial Walk was constructed to commemorate the centenary  of ANZAC.  The original concept for the project was a one-way walk  along the cliff top with visitors having to turn around at the viewing  platform and return the way they came via Strzelecki lookout. While this  still would have been a remarkable project, the addition of the  stairway to connect the walk to the Bathers Way is a fantastic addition  enabling a 430m boardwalk providing visitors with a range of options for  enjoying the walk 

Bar Beach


 Bar Beach is an inner city suburb of Newcastle, New South Wales,  Australia, located 1.6 km southwest of Newcastle's central business  district. The suburb is named for the beach that extends along its  eastern border. The beach is home to the Cooks Hill Surf Life Saving Club. 

Pick up Lunch at Glebe rd fish & Chip shop! the best in town


Our stop for lunch....

We will pick up our lunch to eat on the way to Black Butt Reserve

The best Fish & Chips in Newcastle 

Black butt reserve



Blackbutt Reserve provides nature trails, wildlife exhibits,  childrens playgrounds and recreational facilities. It is the perfect  place for a relaxing family picnic or to explore the wonders of nature.  

Consisting of Eucalypt Forests and pockets of significant remnant  vegetation, Blackbutt boasts a restored Rainforest providing habitats  for a number of rare and vulnerable species. It also features wildlife  exhibits which are modern, spacious and allow close viewing of the  animals.   

The Reserve also offers a range of recreation opportunities including  barbeques, playgrounds, picnic facilities, photography, bird watching  and peaceful areas for relaxation.

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